Fundación Las Fuentes

La Fundación Las Fuentes is setting up a model of a Center for Research, Teaching, Documentation and practical applications on work programs, focused on the main spiritual sources in the world, carrying out projects, studies, analyses, publications, debates and public information activities, encouraging both reflection and direct action on these issues, thus trying to influence public awareness of the phenomenon of spirituality and the different ways in which it is and has been constructed throughout the history of mankind.

Among our lines of action, based on our objectives, the following stand out:

  • The study and analysis of the great spiritual traditions.

  • Traning & Integration

  • Thinking the values of Peace, Justice, Dignity and Human Rights.

  • Culture of Peace and Security.

  • Humanitarian Action and Development.

  • Equality as a transversal axis of society.

  • Communication and Diversity.

  • Solidarity-based emerging economies, ecology and sustainable development.

  • Health and Food.

  • The concept of work and entrepreneurship in the 21st century.


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